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'If you can dream it, you can achieve it'.

ThunderCats Studio is an inclusive recreational and competitive studio which welcomes all students in Thetford and the surrounding areas.

We aim to encourage creativity, team work, performing arts and competitive sports to the local community. We have a session for everybody and offer classes from as little as £3.50 a class. You're able to book on for a trial for as little as £1.50 today via our class timetable, we hope you will come and be apart of our growing studio!


Our Story

Thundercats Studio have been providing a safe space for all children around Thetford and surrounding areas for 11 years. We range in classes of Cheerleading, Dance, Gymnastics and Acrobatics and offer Cheer and Dance as a competitive sport for a variety of ages.

Our mission at ThunderCats Studio is to fill every child we meet with self-confidence and help each individual to grow in leadership, integrity and learn the value of hard work and patience. Our staff team ensure each child learns tactics of self-belief, being kind to themselves and becoming a well-rounded, humble individual. We promote teamwork and self evaluation to help improve growth that will leave students with skills that stay with them throughout their life. All children are capable of doing anything they set their minds too, it's our duty to ensure they know this and to encourage, engage and enrich our students lives. We are far more than a studio, we are a family from our recreational students to our competitive members. All students receive the same guidance whether they're with us for 45 minutes a week or multiple 2 hour sessions. 

Meet The Team


Josie                                    Rhiannon                          Grace                                 Ashreya                             Emily
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