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Level 1 Cheerleading Coach and Gymnastics Coach

Level 2 Cheerleading Coach

(BGU Platinum Coach)

Lily began working for ThunderCats Studio in 2014 and continuously worked with competitive teams throughout her time at University. Lily has a wealth of Gymnastics knowledge from her time training as a gymnast as well as well as her level 3 BTEC and degree in Dance. 

Lily assisted Cheerleading for 3 years before lockdown and became the sole teacher in 2021 and bought ThunderCats Studio, becoming the sole owner in 2022.



Hannah became a part of our studio at the beginning of 2023, working with our Level 1 Junior Cheerleaders and Coaches in Open Gym.

Hannah was a gymnast for 12 years and competed nationally. Before coming to work with us, Hannah has coached in local surrounding areas and worked at USA camps in America!

Hannah is also the head of our local events/fundraising!



Colette first joined Thundercats as a Senior Cheerleading member and Cheered for our previous Head Coach Sam before Thundercats Studio was even born! She came to Cheer for Sam at Thundercats and stopped Cheering herself in 2020. Since then she has become our Senior Cheerleading Teams Coach and Choreographer and number one supporter!


Dance Coach/Junior Dance 

Jack has been dancing for over 13 years and has trained in all styles of dance. They graduated from university in 2022 and gained a degree in Musical Theatre and currently working towards their Masters Degree in Teacher Training. Jacks work includes dancing at the Royal Albert Hall and Her Majesty’s Theatre, more recently staring in Grease & Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in Blackpool!

Assistant Coaches

Our Assistant and Junior Coaches are a huge asset to our studio and are adored by all of our students here. Our Junior Coaches have all been with Thundercats Studio for a long time and share the values we as coaches hold and help to pass it through to all of our younger athletes.
Almost every session has an assistant or junior coach in it, so we are sure you will come across them at some point. They all host a wealth of knowledge and are seen as a huge inspiration to our students and we couldn't love them more if we tried! We are very thankful to have such a great bunch of girls who push our students to be better in such a positive way.

Tiny/Youth Competition Team Coach



Josie is currently a Senior Cheerleader and Dancer for our studio and competed at Gymnastics Competitions with us over the years. Josie assists multiple classes including  Dance, Gym and Cheer.

Josie has been with us for roughly 8 years and has a wealth of knowledge across all the areas we coach at the Studio. We are sure you will see/be taught by Josie at some point during a session!

Competitive Team 


Rhiannon is currently one of our Senior Cheerleaders and dancers.

Rhiannon assists for us in a range of sessions including Cheerleading, Gymnastics and Acro. She's a very skilled tumbler and a coach we are sure you will come across during sessions!

SEN Gym/Prep Team Coach



Grace works with our Thursday SEN Gymnastics class and Prep Competition Cheerleading Team.

Grace has been a cheerleader with Thundercats for 10 years and is also in our Senior Cheer team and has a wealth of knowledge!

Behind the Scenes Staff


Lucy is a fabulous member of our administration team and predominantly handles our recreational sessions and talks to parents. We're sure you'll hear from Lucy regarding a session you may be interested in!

Lucy Rogers

Jeanette is our out of house designated safeguarding lead!  

Jeanette Crowe

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