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Our Studios Student Ethos and Expectations

You will only ever get out what you put in, the harder you work to be the best you can be... the more results you’ll start to see!


- Punctuality: We need to ensure all athletes warm up properly to ensure a safe training session and season. Showing up on time is crucial to a team sport.

- A ‘Can Do’ attitude. There’s nothing more disappointing to a coach than to hear ‘I want to go home’ or ‘I don’t want to do this today’ – the coaches spend a lot of time putting the session and routines together. If you’re feeling negative, speak to your coach about it to get the feelings out. This way you’re speaking to somebody who can help, and it doesn’t affect anybody else on the team.

- A time and a place: please keep some of your personal opinions and feelings to yourself or speak to your coach. Rudeness towards any coach or peer will not be tolerated, you may be asked to leave and not return if failure to do so.

- Mindfulness: we have younger students in each session usually! Please be careful on what information is shared and who is around when you speak.


- When your coach gives you constructive criticism, this is because your coach believes you can do better than what you’re currently doing. This is not a judgement on your character, but a chance for you to push your potential. The more you see it as this, the more you’ll get out of the training session.

- Understanding there will be times you feel you’re not getting the most out of your training, when this happens – ask yourself: ‘am I putting in, what I’m expecting to get out of it?’

- You’re only as strong as your weakest member. Build everybody on your team up and make everybody want to get better alongside you! This could be as simple as asking ‘how was your day?’


- Whether you realise it or not, your actions matter! You will always have somebody looking up to/at you for how you act in class and towards your peers and coaches. How do you want them to see you?

- You are responsible for the impression you give to others, being in your team or the younger athletes who look up to you.

- Attitude is everything. Whether you’re in the gym, at a competition or posting about your class/coaches on social media. You are representing the studio, your team, and your coaches – support everybody and make everybody feel seen and heard!


- Team sport is all about working hard, not just for yourself but everybody around you. In Cheerleading and Dance, there’s always an army of people who depend on you! Stand strong together throughout all the good times and the hard.

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